Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to my world of fashion

Welcome to my world
I am a normal guy with a different taste of fashion than most other men. I dare to wear different styles. Since I was a little boy I was a huge fan of Pirates and Musketeers. And what more can be more Pirate and Musketeer style than Overknee boots for men? And don't care what other may think of this, as this is total freedom. Dare to be you and dare to be free of other opinions.

Since one year I do wear overknees for men and I feel good in them. So this blog should just show the world, that men can wear what ever they want. 

Be free be inspired

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  1. I envy you the courage to wear boots. It would not work in my country - and mine is quite close to yours, however, people in my country are freaking intolerant, they stick to their "catholic conservatistic traditions", they'd just call me gay if I wore boots. And I want badly to - because they look great. They are far more elegant than military-styled boots which I wear every winter. Seems women take all from us... back in XVIII th c it would be weird for woman to wear boots but it was ok with guys... I wish it was like that today too..